On Site Consulting

Hey Chuck here with Apple Drains,

I am now available for On Site Consulting Across the Country. If you have a project that warrants the detail and specific needs of a true waterproofing professional, please use the service sign sheet to get started. Describe your project and needs.

My fee is 400 per day plus travel (1 dollar per mile from Orlando FL) and accommodations. Plus you’ll get a free laborer if needed 🙂
Might seem like a lot of money for consulting, but like I said, You also get my labor and if you have done your homework (received a few estimates, researched what is needed) then you already know my offer is a good one!

Or if you want to DIY I can just help! Save even More!!!!! Together we can get your project done quickly and right the first time!

NOTE – Need to schedule your project in advance. I still work and manage my crews both here in Orlando and Charlotte. The days are always filled!

Whether you are local or out West Coast, Northern East Coast or the Midwest, I can help and save you 1000’s.

Also consider using Live Help. Video Consultation via SKYPE. You can show me the problem area, ask about materials and planning, even how much gravel is needed. The cost is just $50.00 per session and I can usually answer all your questions with 20 to 30 minutes.

Again, Nationwide On Site Consulting. Will Save you 1000’s and get the job done right!

Best Regards,
Apple Drains
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