Notes from Chuck to Homeowners

Hey Chuck here with Apple Drains,

If you have watched any of my videos, you would have seen the lighthearted and smiling face I present for the DIY Homeowner and yes that is me! But Drainage in around your home is so important to be done right the first time.

After 30 plus years of fixing water problems, I feel I have a great understanding of drainage. Everything from a downspout drain, a back yard sump pump, French drain and Footer Pipe. To Date, all of the systems I have installed over the years are still working providing proper drainage. I have tried hard to make each job I do like its my own home.

Notes about Live Help (Video Consulting) and Coming to you if needed
I started consulting via SKYPE last year and am very pleased with the people that have used the service. Being able to help the DIY Homeowner understand and fix a problem is wonderful feeling. I urge you to use the service if you are going to do this yourself. So many people start into the project but become overwhelmed with amount of work needed to install a proper system. I promise you I can help! Or if you want us to come to your home, I am sure we can make it happen, no matter where you are! Yeah sure, there might be a travel fee, but I know we can still save you money and more importantly, you will know its done right!

Notes about Service
We stay extremely busy. If you are truly wanting us to correct your drainage problem. please use the SERVICE SIGN UP SHEET to get started. Even if you are outside of regular service area! The time travel fee is applied directly to your total so you don’t loose the cost. Please understand, we have plenty of work and it takes time, fuel and money to travel, but I know you will be very satisfied with the estimate, inspection and work.

Also if you live in a gated community, please add your gate code to the service sign up and or inform the gate house guard that we are coming to hour home! That way we don’t have to block traffic waiting to get the code.

Apple Drains - Charlotte NC