Foundation sealing and waterproofing

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Foundation sealing and waterproofing

When water comes up through your floor, or walls are getting wet, the problem is usually poor drainage outside along the foundation of the house.

To correct this problem, a footer pipe is needed.

footer-sealed-gravel-addedFooter Tile or Footer Pipe is perforated pipe surrounded by gravel laid along the footer under your concrete floor. Because the pipes and below grade , a sump pump is usually needed to discharge the water.

We trench along the outside wall to the footer. Next We seal the foundation wall with a liquid rubber compound, and then add perforated pipe surrounded by gravel. This gravel and pipe are wrapped in Geo Fabric ( a filter to help keep sand and dirt out of the system). The footer pipe now needs a discharge.


If there is fall from the footer to daylight, a trench is dug and solid pipe is laid so the water from the footer can flow away from the area. If there is no fall from the footer to daylight, a sump pit and sump pump is installed with 2″ pipe from the pump to the street or storm or other area away from the house.



Problems of poor drainage along foundation:
Wet Walls,
Wet Floor,
Tile floors crack,
wood floors buckle,
Interior walls crack,
Exterior block crack,
Sticking door or window,
Foundation cracks and floor settles

Costs to install:
A typical Footer pipe for 1 wall (40 feet long) with sump pump discharge can run $3200.00

Yes this is an expense but well worth the cost to solve major problems that occur with poor drainage and will save 10 of 1000’s compared to foundation and footer repair.

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