Crawlspace needs a Sump Pump

We suggest a sump pump be installed into most every crawl space. Sometimes the pump alone will move enough water to solve the drainage problem.


Flooded or pooling water.

Water after heavy rain

Moisture level is high



All of the above problems can sometimes be solved with a sump pump.

This is a pipe that runs around the inside perimeter of the crawl space. Perforated pipe surrounded by gravel (sometimes called a FRENCH DRAIN) is laid at the footer level and leads to the sump basin. As water comes through the foundation wall, this pipe will collect the water and send it to the sump pump. Its very effective to help keep water out of the crawl space.

Its also a labor extensive job. Trenching a mew footer pipe in the crawl space is done with small trenching shovels. Depth of the trench depends on how deep the footer is. Once the trench is dug, then gravel must be brought in and laid in the bottom of the trench. Next perforated pipe with holes pointing don into the gravel is laid and more gravel is poured into the trench up to the grade of the crawl space floor.

Excess dirt is graded out and moisture barrier should be laid to cover the dirt of the entire crawl space.

The Footer pipe runs to the sump pit and pump. A hole is dug out for the sump basin. Usually 2 feet deep by 2 feet wide. A sump liner or basin is installed and more gravel surrounds the pit. The Footer pipe is connected to the sump pit.

A good Sump Pump is needed to lift the water up and out of the pit. This water (the Discharge pipe) is 1 1/2 inch PVC and comes out through the foundation wall. We call the core discharge because the block or brick must be core drilled through the foundation wall.

A check valve is needed on the riser from the pump to prevent back flow. The 1 1/2 inch pipe goes through the foundation wall and out side to connect to the downspout drain which leads to the street or storm drain.

Yes! a lot of work for a complete system but it does help stop the above problems of correctly installed!

Sump Pit and Sump Pump Installed in Crawl Space Averages 1160.00
Core Discharge Pipe from the sump pit through the foundation wall Averages $325.00

Those (2) things are needed in most every crawl space and will help stop water problems Immediately!

Footer Pipe averages $10 to $16 per foot (depends on height of crawl space and depth of footer) Usually at least one wall is needed to collect the water. Average length of average wall is 30 to 40 feet so, somewhere between 500 and 650 per wall.

Again, This system must be installed correctly. Do not let a Bug Company install your system! They may be great at stopping insect, but really have no clue about drainage.

Remember, sometimes a sump pump is all you need to help solve the water problem. And you can always add footer pipe to the system.

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