Crawl Space Waterproofing

We do both interior and exterior crawl space waterproofing.

Interior – Footer Pipe (French Drain) around interior walls, This is perforated pipe surrounded by gravel. Its called footer tile.
Footer Tile leads to a sump pit and sump pump, The footer tile collects the water and send it to the pump. The pump lifts the water ands sends it out through the foundation wall to a discharge pipe.

We install sump pits and pumps, footer tile and we core drill the foundation wall.

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This project could take several days for a do it yourselfer!

Waterproofing Exterior Walls is the same for a Crawl Space or a Basement. The outside wall must be excavated to just below the the top of the footer.

Excavating a Basement Wall

Notice the dirt piled up? This is what it looks like when you dig out the basement wall.

Here is a Crawl Space being Excavated. Not as much dirt, but it depends on how deep the footer is.

Crawl Space Wall, Sealed and Gravel / Perforated pipe installed

Once you have dug out the wall, and you have exposed the footer, you need to dig just a little further. We like to be just below the TOP of The Footer.

Corner Pier Footing Exposed

Sealing the wall is done with a Damp Proofing Compound. Look for one that is LIQUID RUBBER. When it dries, it creates a great watertight seal. It can be applied with a brush, roller or even a sprayer.

Applying a Liquid Rubber Sealer to Wall and Footer

Now pour some gravel into the bottom of the trench along side the footer. Then lay your perforated pipe , HOLES POINTING DOWN, on top of the gravel. The pipe should be just below or even with the the toop of the footer. Finally cover the pipe and the footer with gravel.

How Much Gravel? Let’s just say the more the better! We usually add about 6 to 10 inches of gravel above the footer.

Footer Tile, Holes point down and Gravel surrounds the pipe

Where does all this water go when it rains?
Ideally, a discharge pipe that leads to daylight is needed. Discharge to daylight usually means , Gravity flows the water away from the foundation downhill until it comes out on the top of the ground.

This is not always possible, So sometimes we use a Sump Pit and a Sump Pump to lift the water up from the footer system and pump it away from the foundation.

Sump Pump in Pit with Discharge pipe

You will also need power for you pump. Be sure to install a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) and a waterproof outlet.

Adding power for the sump pump, backfilled and graded

The discharge pipe needs to be run out and away from the foundation. Ideally to the street.

So Finally, you are ready to back fill. This is best part of your job. However, it is also the hardest. The dirt has been sitting in that pile for a couple days or more. It will be like re – digging the trench again. Be sure to take you time and get as much dirt back into and along the wall as possible. Take you excess and remove it to the garden if you have one, else maybe to the landfill. There will be lots of excess.

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