Consulting via Skype

We are now offering consulting via Skype to help with your Drainage Project.

Week Days – by appointment Only
Saturday & Sunday – 8 to 10 AM
$50.00 Per Session
We will send you an online invoice after the session via PayPal.
No need to be a member, you can use your debit or credit card to make payment

Special Offer

Limited Time
$50.00 per session.
By Appointment Only

Get the advice you need!

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Consult via Skype and you can easily show us the problem. Simply point your phone’s camera and show us. You can call from your crawl space or basement, your driveway or wet areas of the yard. We’ll quickly give you the advice you need and help you resolve the water problem.

Client Showing Finished Basement Flooding

Client Showing Finished Basement Flooding

Or maybe you are putting together your pipe and need some advice. Everything from “How To Dig” and “How To Put Your Pipe Together” to “Where to Rent a Concrete Saw and How to Use It”

Client showing basement water problem via Skype Video Conference

Client showing basement water problem via Skype Video Conference

Already we have done over 100 consults and saved those people 1000’s!
If You Believe You Can Something,
I Guarantee You Can Do It!

To use this service, you will need to download SKYPE to your MOBLIE iPhone or android or tablet.
Then contact us via Skype. We will direct you to the page for payment and set up a time where we can discuss your project.
(See Bottom of Page to contact or send us a message via Skype)

Our Skype Address is
or use our email to locate or email “”
if you already have a Skype account (its Free) simply send us a message, and we will help you schedule your appointment

APPLE.DRAINS (Skype address)
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You can also use our SERVICE SIGN UP SHEET
In the comments box, let us know you want to use Skype
We’ll reply with how to connect to us


Apple Drains
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Monday – Friday 7 to 4 AM EST
$50.00 per session

You will need to load Skype on your phone or tablet. That way you can show us your project or problem.

Our Skype Address is apple.drains
Simply look us up in the skype directory and send a contact request.
Search for apple.drains

We can usually answer your questions within a few minutes.

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We Answer Questions and can Solve Most Any Problem.

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Charlotte, NC (704) 309-8880
Orlando, FL (321) 200-0685

Thank you!
The Apple Drains Service Team

Underground drains work to move water fast away from the foundation. We install underground drain, underground gutter drain, underground drain pipe, crawl space drain, underground pipes, drain tile, sump pump, gutter, downspout drain line, yard drain, french drain, gravel drain, solid pvc pipe, perforated pipe, channel drain, catch basin, drive way drain, side walk drain, basement drain, floor drain, sewer line, kitchen drain, bathroom drain and tub drain. Call us for a free estimate!

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