How to install a yard drain, Apple Drains, DIY

Apple Drains has a complete library of Video How To. Free! Its on YouTube.

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Covers all rainwater drainage problems and solutions. Everything from French Drains and Crawl Space – Basement Waterproofing to Driveway Channel Drains, … Read More

Hurricane Matthew, Apple Drains Offers Emergency Services

Hey! Chuck here with Apple Drains.

Here in North Florida, working on jobs in Orlando this past week and of course Hurricane Matthew decides to come forward.

Since I am already here in the path of this storm, I am … Read More

Storm Clean Up, Florida Coast

Apple Drains has a crew available for storm damage, trees down, home repair, roof repair and drainage and flooding. We can help!

The biggest clean up after a hurricane is trees down. Having lived through 3 major hurricanes with calls … Read More

Florida Backyard Drainage

Most drainage problems in Florida, in areas like Orlando, Melbourne, Daytona, Jacksonville, Ocala, Gainesville and the panhandle come from very level or even below grade yards. During a severe thunderstorm, tropical depression or hurricane, rainfall rates exceed the norm. Water … Read More

Sump Pump Installation Sale – Limited Time Offer – Protect your Home from Water Damage, Termites and Mold

Protect your home from water damage, termites, and mold

Get a new Sump Pump installed.
Installation Sale!

zoellerm53 Zoeller M53 1/3 horsepower with 1 1/2 inch or 1 1/4 inch Discharge. $375.00 (Regular $425.00)
liberty257 Liberty 257 1/3 horsepower with 1 1/2 … Read More

French Drain, Charlotte

French Drain is perforated pipe surrounded by gravel. It collects Subsurface Water. Water rises up through the gravel under the pipe and enters the holes in the pipe and is carried away. A good French Drain System has Catch Basins … Read More